An alleged photo of Kesha having a sex act performed on her has been leaked online and gone viral.

The photo apparently shows the pop star behind such hits as Tik Tok and Blah Blah Blah with her legs splayed receiving oral sex from a bearded man. Other pictures show her kissing what appears to be the same man.

The photos were leaked online by Perez Hilton’s website UnratedPerez with the headline: “Who Wants To See Ke$ha Getting Eaten Out???”

The singer has not confirmed the pictures are of her.

Hilton was also behind leaking another naked picture of the 23 year old in July this year which allegedly showed the singer lying naked, fondling her breasts and covered with semen.

Kesha’s debut album Animal was a massive hit earlier this year knocking Susan Boyle off the number one spot on the Billboard Charts in the US.

Kesha’s alleged leaked sex photos follow in the wake of Christina Aguilera’s own photos controversy. Aguilera claims the photos were stolen from her.

Miley Cyrus and Lady GaGa have also had pictures of them leaked after having their electronic devices hacked.