A study into beloved UK cities, conducted by Zespoke, has revealed where the British public would most love to live – and results suggest regional pride is alive and well for the most part.

1000 Brits were asked which UK city they’d most like to live in and, unsurprisingly, the country’s capital came out on top, with 33.1% of all votes – but voters within London were not quite as predictable.

Last month, The Evening Standard reported that rents in every London postcode were unaffordable for low-paid workers – and with nearly 50% of participants in London choosing a city other than their own, these sensational stats may be a sign of a wider unrest in the British capital.

Scotland’s biggest cities fared well in the survey, as Edinburgh and Glasgow claimed the second and third spots – with 18% and 12.9% of the votes respectively.

Even with English respondents, Edinburgh beat both Manchester and Newcastle – proving a popular choice not only with Scots themselves but also nationwide.

Out of love with London
The most surprising outcome of the study was that 49.2% of Londoners surveyed would rather live somewhere else – a result that sparks speculation as to whether the capital is still the dream destination it once was.

With through-the-roof rent prices exacerbating the housing affordability gap, large numbers of born-and-bred Londoners are now being priced out of the city – and the results of the survey suggest that many London locals aren’t happy to call the capital their home.

The Great British beauty contest
11.5% of all respondents offered their own alternative suggestions for the best UK city – and many of Britain’s most beautiful cities were nominated.

York, Cambridge and Bath are no strangers to British city shortlists, thanks to their scenic backdrops and awesome architecture – and Zespoke’s study highlights how important these picturesque cities are to urban Britain.

Other alternative suggestions included major UK cities such as Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham – while some participants denounced city living altogether, and others swore by the belief that a home is wherever you lay your head down.

There’s no place like home
The regional pride was palpable in this online poll, as results indicated many participants were loyal locals at heart.

Faithful Scots took Glasgow to glory, with the city securing a huge 39% of Scottish votes – while Edinburgh followed closely behind after seizing a further 29.1%.

While only 5.1% of Brits gave their vote to Belfast, 38.2% of Northern Irish respondents showed support for their capital – and in the North East, Newcastle emerged victorious thanks to a massive 39.1% of the North Eastern vote.