The San Diego Chargers’ kicker Nick Novak has been caught on camera in the game against the Denver Broncos crouched down on the sidelines relieving himself, with a towel held to block the view. 

“I usually go two or three times a game,” Novak told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “If guys pay attention to that, you’ll see quite a few guys go to the bathroom. We can’t really go inside to do it. You just take a knee, have teammates hold up towels.”

Novak’s nerves may have got the better of him as he tried to find a moment to himself pitch-side, or his concentration might have taken a dip as he went on to miss a crucial kick in overtime which would have won the Chargers the game, As it turned out, they lost.

Caught on camera – Novak releiving himself pitch-side.

Back in 2005, marathon runner champ Paula Radcliffe was caught short during the televised London Marathon