Amy Winehouse died because she gave up booze say her family, who believe that the singer’s body went into shock after she quit drinking for three weeks.

Speculation about the cause of Amy Winehouse’s death has been rife, with many believing she died after drinking and taking drugs.

However, according to a friend of the Winehouse family, Amy is more likely to have died from the shock of laying off the drink.

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"Abstinence gave her body such a fright they thought it was eventually the cause of her death," a source told The Sun.

According to reports, Winehouse had been advised by her doctor to cut down her drinking slowly.

She had, however, decided to try and quit completely for three weeks.

Although Winehouse was spotted drinking at the iTunes festival three days before her death, her father Mitch claimed that she was sober the day she died.

Amy WInehouse funeral

The family friend said that, during his eulogy at Amy’s funeral, Mitch Winehouse stressed to those gathered that his daughter was cleaning up her act.

"He wanted everyone to know that he, her boyfriend and her manager believed it was actually the complete opposite,” said the source.

"He said doctors had told Amy to gradually reduce her intake of alcohol and to avoid bingeing at all costs. Amy told him she couldn't do that. It was all or nothing and she gave up completely.

"Mitch said the shock of giving up, after everything she had been through over a bad few years, was just too much for her to take."

The results of post-mortem carried out on Winehouse's body – which will pinpoint the cause of her death – will not be available for several weeks.

Meanwhile, it has also emerged that Winehouse met have met with a “mystery” man in the hours before her death.

Police are investigating the singer’s final movements amid claims she may have met up an unknown person.

A source close to the singer said: "No one really knows what Amy did after she was checked on by her doctor at 8pm.

"She led a very chaotic lifestyle and quite often she would head out very late or even in the early hours of the morning to see her friends.

"Every hour has to be accounted for. There is a possibility she left her home during the evening and some of her friends believe she may have headed out later."