The dramatic life of Amy Winehouse is likely to be played out in a film and now the hunt is on for an actress to play the role of the tortured singer.

A number of top producers have earmarked the late singer’s life for a biopic.

TV producers, who have also flagged up a bio-series about Winehouse, have been in touch with the late star's family, asking for consent.

A family source said: "The feeling is there wouldn't be an actress under 30 who wouldn't want to play her.

"The first job is to get financial backing from co-production companies in the States. Some are showing interest because it's a sure-fire money-spinner.

"They know anything Amy-related is going to be a huge success."

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Keira Knightly, Sienna Miller and Scarlett Johansson are all on a list of potential lead actresses.

“Amy’s life story reads like a movie even without her tragic end,” says a Hollywood insider.

“There is a lot of talk of a tribute to her in the form of a film and there is no shortage of producers interested. Keira Knightly would appear to be the favourite to play Winehouse, but until a script is written, nothing will be decided.”

Whoever gets the part will have a tough job getting across her incredible vocal talent.

And there would be some serious physical demands to nail all of Winehouse’s various looks.

She died last month at the age of 27.