These impressively anti-pretty cakes are part of the Anatomically Correct Extreme Pop Up Cake Shop in London’s Pathology Museum, an exhibition aimed at educating the public via the medium of cake.

This Halloween, from the 26th – 28th October, Miss Cakehead’s Eat Your Heart Out, an anatomical and pathology inspired cake shop, will throw open its doors to the brave, featuring such delights as an STD-inspired wedding cake, lung cancer cookies, fungus toe nail biscuits, small pox candy bars and more. 

Get down to St Bart’s Pathology Museum London for a disease-ridden feast. Cakes priced between £2.50 and £3.00. 

Anatomically correct coldsore cupcake. Mwah.

Common pathologies of the breast.

STD sympton cupckaes. Perfect for tea with your mum.