A TV anchorman shocked viewers when he jokingly flipped the bird at his colleagues mid-broadcast, while seemingly oblivious that his rude finger gesture would be caught on the station’s new wide-screen cameras.

Houston anchorman Owen Conflenti seemed to forget, for one wild and crazy moment, that his network KPRC was broadcasting in widescreen format when he made the obscene finger gesture during the morning news.

‘Hey it’s just about 9:30 – good morning to ya, I’m Owen Conflenti’, he said before flipping the bird in the far left side of the camera.

While 4:3 format viewers would have missed out on Conflenti’s crude little gesture, people with 16:9 format would have got the message loud and clear.

Neither the red-faced Conflenti nor his station has commented on the incident.

It’s not the first time a TV presenter has been caught out making a rude gesture live on air. Last year, BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker was caught flipping the bird at a fellow news presenter who made a sarcastic comment about his forecast being “100 per cent accurate”.

Schafernaker tried to cover up his blunder by pretending to scratch his chin but wasn’t convincing anyone.