Celebrity Big Brother rolled back into town last night with a straggle of Z-listers parading up the red carpet into the Big Brother house in Elstree.

This year’s glamour is provided by The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs, American Pie actress Tara Reid and, debatably, Kerry Katona.

Big Brother producers are no doubt hoping the women will fight over the token hot male in the house – model Bobby Sabel.

Some cringeworthy moments will be provided by Sally Bercow; the shamelesly self-promoting wife of speaker John Bercow. And, of course, Jedward.

Another Big Brother contestant likely to induce high blood pressure in viewers is Australian celebrity photographer Darryn Lyons, aka Mr. Paparazzi.

But no more waffling, here’s the Celebrity Big Brother 2011 line-up.

Amy Childs

She’s now quit The Only Way Is Essex, the show which made her famous, for a shot at the big time via Big Brother.

Known for her ‘vajazzling’ treatments, Childs has promised to “100 per cent bring glamour to the Big Brother House.”

She confesses to being ditzy and “speaking before she thinks”.

Celebrity Big Brother 2011: Amy Childs


Kerry Katona

The ex-Atomic Kitten star is no stranger to reality shows, having

already starred in My Fair Kerry, Kerry Katona: Crazy In Love, Kerry

Katona: Whole Again and Kerry Katona: What’s the Problem?

Katona is frequently in the news and has battled drink and drugs.

Her first task in the Big Brother hosue was to throw a diva-like tantrum.

Celebrity Big Brother 2011: Kerry Katona



Since appearing on The X Factor in 2009, twins John and Edward Grimes have refused to go away.


lost no time in the Big Brother house in giving Kerry Katona a quiff

and telling her: “If you put Jedward and Amy together it's Jedmy. If

you put Kerry and Jedward together it would be Jerry.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2011: Jedward

Tara Reid

The American Pie actress – known for partying and boob jobs – has just married Zack Keyahov.

The actress told Big Brother host Brian Dowling: “People know me the most for American Pie. I hope the British public like me. But no Facebook or Twitter, what am I going to do?”

Clashes with Katona and Childs seem likely.

Celebrity Big Brother 2011: Tara Reid

Darryn Lyons

Famous for having a big gob, Lyons made sure he was noticed going

into the Big Brother house by dressing in gold lame and sporting a red


Lyons founded celebrity picture agency Big Pictures and has gone on to be a celeb in his own right.


told Channel 5 publicists: “I’ve had ups and downs. I did the works:

sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. Then I woke up one day and said: ‘I’m over

this’. Pulling myself out of that is one of my proudest moments.''

Celebrity Big Brother 2011: darryn Lyons


Sally Bercow

Married to House of Commons speaker John Bercow, Sally dropped out of Oxford University.

A picture of Bercow wearing a bedsheet in the House Of Commons was recently splashed on the front of national newspapers.

She’s massively attention-seeking and likely to leave her husband mortified.

Celebrity Big Brother 2011: Sally Bercow


Pamela Bach

The Big Brother mother figure perhaps? Bach once starred in Baywatch and was married to David Hasslehoff.

Celebrity Big Brother 2011: Pamela Bach

Bobby Sabel

Someone for the ladies to fight over. Sabel is a model who has appeared in Levi’s and Swatch ads.


Celebrity Big Brother 2011: Bobby Sabel

Paddy Doherty

Famous for his bare-knuckle fights on Channel 4’s My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Doherty is the grandfather of 15.

He recently had his ear stitched back on after someone bit it off in a fight.

Celebrity Big Brother 2011: Paddy Doherty

Lucien Laviscount

At 19, he’s the youngest member of the Big Brother house. Laviscount is already a veteran soap star, however, having appeared in Grange Hill, Coronation Street and Waterloo Road.

Celebrity Big Brother 2011: Lucien Laviscount