Now his ‘Indestructable’ show continue its hilarious tour of Australia with more than a dozen shows all over the place from shows from Wollongong to Newcastle via Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Geelong, Brisbane, The Gold Coast and Sydney again.

Dice Clay says he’s proud to be America’s most controversial and outrageous comic of all time.  He’s sold out Madison Square Garden two nights in a row, appeared in numerous feature films, a string of multi-gold and platinum selling CDs and DVDs, starring in HBO specials and profiled everywhere.
To this day, Clay remains the only performer banned for life from MTV. When he released his debut album, DICE, the parental advisory label simply read “Warning: This album is offensive.”

The secret to Dice’s continuing success is, they say, that he has a lot more going for him than shocking and being a potty mouth.

If you fancy it, here’s the gig list: