According to local media, the God Hates Fags bigots arrived in Marion last night, “and woke up this morning to slashed tires.”

Undeterred, the church members attempted to enter Harrisburg, only to be rebuffed by local biker gangs.

Angry locals have formed pickets of their own, designed to keep the Westboro mob at bay.

Hallie Palmer, a student at Harrisburg Middle School, was out on the streets holding a sign of support.

“It’s terrible, what people can say,” Palmer said. “Everybody makes sins. So I don’t know what kind of Bible they’re reading, but they need to read it again and make sure it’s not upside down and backwards.”

Regardless of whether the group shows up, using the tragedy in Harrisburg as publicity is wrong, said Ava Reeves, also a student.
“I don’t like what they’re saying about God and our community,” she said.

“We just want them out of our town.”

Westboro are publicity-whores of the highest order, deliberately causing outrage wherever they go.

Recent blog entries on their website include: “Praise God for Killing UK Singer, Davy Jones!” “Thank God! 1 Coast Guard Member Dead, 3 Missing After Helicopter Crashes in Alabama!” “Praise God for Sending the Shooter to a High School in Ohio — 1 Dead, 4 Injured.”

They also claimed to have “picketed” Whitney Houston’s funeral, but were quickly exposed for Photoshopping protestors into a press photo of the funeral procession.

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