Tacky MTV reality show Geordie Shore has drawn fire from Newcastle locals after only one episode.

Geordie Shore, which rivals The Only Way Is Essex and Made In Chelsea for cheap regional stereotyping and is inspired by its American counterpart Jersey Shore, debuted on the box last night.

And it wasn’t a pretty sight. What followed from Geordie Shore’s pumped-up boys and the plastic surgery-enhanced girls (and all of them Tangoed to within an inch of their lives) was an hour of fighting in nightclubs, getting drunk, throwing up, breast baring, stripping and plenty-more-where-that-came-from style chavvy behaviour.

In one edifying scene a male cast member drank from a bottle jammed between a female cast member’s cleavage.

Unsurprisingly Newcastle residents are not amused: 24,000 Geordies have already signed an anti-Geordie Shore page on Facebook (R.I.P Geordie pride)which states “After this we can no longer be proud to have a Geordie accent after these idiots embarrass us all on national television.”

Local Stu Blackburn opined: “This show makes me embarrassed to be from the north-east. R.I.P the Geordie nation. We’ll always love you.”
According to the Sun, 4,000 more people have signed a petition calling for Geordie Shore to be axed.

Watch the Geordie Shore trailer here.


Still not sure WTF? Get more info here: mtv.co.uk/shows/geordie-shore