The video shows a blonde haired white woman ranting and swearing at a black man with long dreadlocks on a central London bus whilst blocking the aisle. The reason for the escalation of the argument is unclear, but the encounter quickly turns to violence when she attempts to swing on the railing supports to kick him and falls flat on her back.

The man then attempts to help her up and she tries to strike him.

As well as some mostly inaudible ranting she is heard to say “I’m a great white c**t” and challenges the man’s nationality “Do you know what, I really don’t know whether you’re afro-bian, (sic) Caribbean”.

“Honey, I just explained to you who the f**k I am” he replies.

“Who are you?” she retorts. ‘I am f*****g English alright’ he reiterates.

The short clip, named ‘Crazy Lady Flipping Out on the 29 Bus in London and attacking a passenger’ has had over 14,000 views so far and many comments.

A US user, RoseyNYC, writes “why are Britain people so racist? 🙁 Ive lost respect for them, I don’t ever want to go to UK”

YouTube user merlyln1900 writes “He tried to reason with her and legitimately challenge her Racist views. He even tried to look out for her safety when she tried to kick him. He was well within his rights to take the action he did when she hit him! He should get a medal!”