Belize police are investigating the murder of one of McAfee’s neighbours, Florida businessman Gregory Faull on November 11, and want to interview the software pioneer.

McAfee, 67, has pleaded his innocence since to reporters and via his online blog, but says he has been “harassed” by Belize police.

He said he felt safer in Guatemala and disguised himself to make the border crossing safely. He and his Guatemalan lawyer said they would petition the government there to allow him to stay.

“Now that I’m here I can speak freely, I can speak openly,” McAfee is quoted saying by the BBC.

“Belize does not have a good track record of providing safety when they ask to question you. I felt much more secure crossing the border.”

While on the run, McAfee says he dyed his hair and beard, used chewing gum inside his mouth to give him a fuller face and stained his teeth.

Gregory Faull was found dead with a gun shot wound to the head about three weeks ago. His tropical island home in Belize is next to McAfee’s.

McAfee denies any involvement in Faull’s death and says he has little faith that local police will find the murderer.

He told NBC that he would offer a $25,000 (£15,700) reward for the capture of the “person or persons” who killed Faull.

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