Huston won the award at last night’s bash at the In and Out Club but did not turn up in person to collect the dubious honour.

She vanquished two other authors who were thought to be the frontrunners for the award – JK Rowling for her first adult novel, The Casual Vacancy, and EL James for her bestselling Fifty Shades of Grey.

“I hope this novel will incite thousands of British women to take close-up photos of their lovers’ bodies in all states of array and disarray,” Huston said in a short statement of her novel’s win.

So what was it about Infrared that caught the judges’ eye? A sample passage reads as follows:

“He runs his tongue and lips over my breasts, the back of my neck, my toes, my stomach, the countless treasures between my legs, oh the sheer ecstasy of lips and tongues on genitals, either simultaneously or in alternation, never will I tire of that silvery fluidity, my sex swimming in joy like a fish in water.”

Photo: Getty.