1. George Bush ducks a shoe

In 2008 George Bush had a show thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist.


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The regal surroundings of Addington Palace Golf Club is the venue of choice in Croydon, South London.

Last year’s team trophy was won by New Zealand – so it’s time for the Aussies to strike back with some under-par double eagles and the like.

The day includes a 3 course lunch and 18 holes of competitive Antipodean golf (although Brits are welcome to choose to play for either side) 

£72 – Thursday 5 July 2012
Addington Palace Golf Club, 
Gravel Hill, Croydon CR0 5BB

For the New Zealand team, contact: harold.moores@gmail.com
For the Australian team, contact: martin_adtrav@hotmail.com


2. David Cameron egged by a hoodie

David Cameron was pelted with an egg by a ‘hoodie’ after speaking about election policies at Cornwall College, Saltash, in 2012.


Click for Rupert Murdoch v the foam pie…


6. Egg for mercy Nick Griffin

And one for luck. BNP leader Nick Griffin being egged by protesters in 2009.

3. Rupert Murdoch splatted with foam pie

Who could forget the classic moment when Rupert Murdoch had a foam pie thrown in his face during a heading into the News Corp phone hacking scandal?


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4. An IMF egging

Last year, the International Monetary Fund’s senior representative to Turkey was pelted with eggs during a university lecture in Turkey.


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5. John Prescott punches his egger

An oldie but a goodie – in 2001 Labour’s Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, landed a punch on an egg-throwing protester.


Want to see Nick Griffin pelted with eggs?…