The notoriously litigious computer hardware and software company are rumoured to be considering legal action over the tribute to Steve Jobs, who died after a battle with cancer last year.

Being that Steve Jobs was an icon to technology worshippers worldwide, Apple fans have been all a-buzz on Twitter discussing the 12″ doll which retails at $99, manufactured by a company called In Icons, based in China.

The impressively realistic doll which comes complete with the ex-CEO’s trademark black polo neck, jeans and spectacles, has already sold for big money on eBay, snapped up by keen collectors who predict that manufacturing will be ceased by Apple’s legal team, who previously in 2010 managed to block the sales of a figurine made by M.I.C. Gadget, which went on to sell for up to $2,500 on the US eBay auction site.

“Steve Jobs is not an actor; he’s just a celebrity… There is no copyright protection for a normal person. Steve Jobs is not a product… so I don’t think Apple has the copyright of him.” said Tandy Cheung, head of the doll-maker company In Icons.