Apple’s iOS 6 operating system which removed Google Maps from all of its devices has come under fire since its launch for numerous inaccuracies.
The company were prompted to act by yesterday’s reports that police in Mildura, Australia, told motorists not to rely solely on Apple’s maps system for directions, after the app led at least six different motorists looking for the town of Mildura into the middle of Murray Sunset National Park, 43 miles away from Mildura’s actual location.

Several unfortunate motorists became lost in dangerous conditions in the bleak Aussie desert after relying on their Apple devices for directions.

However, the problem was still far from fixed – since it reportedly works for travellers heading from South Australia and not from Melbourne. “If you’re coming from Melbourne it still puts Mildura in the middle of the Murray Sunset National Park,” Mildura police inspector Simon Clemence told The Australian.

“Once you get about 10 to 15 kilometres in, there is no phone coverage at all…If someone got stuck out there on a 46-degree day, then they’re in real trouble out there. That’s pretty nasty country out there. There’s not much shade and a lot of hot sand and no water at all,” he continued.