Actor Seann William Scott plays foul-mouthed Stifler in the classic teen film, and is set to reprise his role in American Reunion, in which the entire cast will reunite to reminisce about their high school days.

The American Pie app was to coincide with the UK release of the film on May 2.

The Stifler App Suite has already appeared in the Google Play app store for Android devices, but it has not been made available on Apple iOS in the App Store.

A source told CultofMac a website that breaks Apple news, Apple rejected the app due to the foul language, forcing Universal to re-submit a more PG version.

The website claims that the following sayings were deemed too rude for the App Store: “Suck me beautiful”; “M-I-L-F, mum I’d like to f**k”; “This one time at band camp, I stuck a flute in my p***y”; “Eat s**t”.

Apple stores other R-rated content, such as the Playboy app and the American Pie movies, so it is unclear why it would have rejected The Stifler App Suite.

Apple has not commented.