Apple announced an App Store for Macs at the same time as unveiling its new operating system Mac OS X Lion. The App Store will be available to Apple users using the Snow Leopard operating system and will go live in 90 days time.

It’s big news for gadget geeks that Apple’s mega popular app store for the iPhone and the iPad will soon be availble on Macs. Apple will start accepting Mac App Store submissions from developers in November.

New operating system – Mac OS X Lion

Apple also unveiled a new version of the Macintosh operating system, called Lion, to be released next summer.

Key features will include:

Auto-save, resume on launch, single-click downloads, automatic dock install and free updates.

Mac OS X Lion, which will be released next summer, also features the Mac App Store, as well as a new “launchpad” to make it easier to find and purchase apps.

Apple’s MacBook Air

Apple has unveiled its MacBook Air line-up, featuring a 13-inch model and an 11-inch model.

The new ultra-light laptop takes the best from what Apple has learned about both desktop computing and mobile devices.

“It’s like nothing we’ve ever created before,” said Apple boss Steve Jobs.

“We see these as the next generation of MacBooks. We think all notebooks are going to be like this one day. We’ve been inspired by some of the work we have done on iOS and want to bring them back to the Mac.”

Key features of the MacBook Air

Like the iPad, the MacBook Air will have no hard drive and rely on flash memory.

The MacBook Air is 0.11 inches thick at its thinnest point.

The new MacBook Air will come with installed with a FaceTime camera.

Apple said the computer’s battery life lets users surf the web for seven hours. In standby mode, the battery can last 30 days.