The newbie is still as much as £110 most costly than competing Amazon and Google tablets, which have comparable specs.

The iPad mini’s base version will cost £269 with wi-fi connectivity and 16GB of storage behind its 7.9inch screen.

Google’s Nexus 7 costs £210 while Amazon’s matching Kindle Fire HD is £159.

Apple’s head of design Sir Jonathan Ive said the iPad mini “isn’t just a shrunken-down iPad.” “It’s an entirely new design,” he added at the launch.

To an untrained eye, the mini weighing 0.68 pounds and is 7.2 millimetres thick looks remarkably like an iPad.

Commentators have given the new version a cool reception due the steep price not matching the comparatively few new features.

Its greatest asset appears to be that the new iPad can be held easily in one hand.

The market wasn’t pumped up by the new product , with Apple shares dropping after the Tuesday afternoon launch.

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