Poor old Paris is getting a bit of flack from us recently (yesterday we ran a story about how it was the number one break-up destination), and things aren’t looking better for the French capital today.

A new study by sunshine.co.uk has revealed the rise of the ‘Guilt Trip’ – a break that (yes, you guessed it) partners book when they’ve been up to no good.

When the 2,149 participants were asked, ‘Have you ever booked a trip somewhere for someone else purely out of guilt?’, 14% of the people taking part in the study said ‘yes’.

When asked who the injured parties were, the most common answer was ‘partner’, with 51% admitting that they had taken their other half on a ‘guilt trip’. 22% said it was a friend they had guiltily whisked abroad, and 13% said it was one or both of their parents.

And what were the reasons for these trips? Shockingly, 37% of people had been unfaithful, 28% forgot a special occasion and 13% felt they weren’t spending enough time with that person. Curiously, 9% booked a break as they felt they ‘weren’t being very nice’ to the person in question and 5% broke a promise.

The top location for a Guilt Trip was Paris, followed by Venice and Cornwall.

Men are three times more likely to book a ‘Guilt Trip’ than women – and 67% of the sneaky survey participants believed that their holiday companion had not suspected their motives. Sneaky…

Image credit: Thinkstock