Can’t you just picture the scene? A sleepy little tavern in good ol’ ‘Any Town’ USA, the regulars settling in for the night, when some bourbon-crazed hillbilly comes stumbling through the swing doors and starts yelling about how he has the right to ‘fuck a goat’.

Well that’s what the good people in Waukesha Wisconsin found themselves confronted by when an inebriated 41-year-old Shaun Keith Orris who (for reasons not really understood) began provarecating at length about his rights concerning bestiality in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

Orris’ demeanor turned belligerent after the tavern patrons began to take exception to his bizarre rantings. He then refused to leave when asked by the owner of the bar ad so a fight ensued which left Orris “battered and bloody”.

It is then reported by the Huffington Post that Orris rang the police to complain about his treatment. After making the call it is alleged that Orris walked home, grabbed a pocket knife and proceeded back to the bar where he was intercepted by the police.

Police arrested Orris for disorderly conduct and for carrying a concealed weapon and proceeded to take him to hospital to fix the cut on his head. In the cruiser the two officers who arrested Orris allege that he became violent and was shouting about his constitutional rights and sexual congress with goats, before beginning to laugh hysterically.

Orris isn’t the only person this year in the USA who’s had a run in with police over their constitutional rights to fornicate with animals. Carlos Romero, a Florida man, went to court to argue that he had the constitutional right to have sex with his miniature donkey called (hilariously) Doodle.

God bless America.

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