Fernando Zylberberg has been sidelined from the men’s national hockey team ahead of a warm up event in Malaysia, which means he will almost certainly fail to make the cut for London.

There are suspicions the decision was motivated by the furore surrounding the propaganda clip released last week that ended with the slogan “To compete on English soil we train on Argentine soil.”

However, officials have been quick to point out the failure of Zylberberg – a Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Olympian – to make the cut was down to “sporting” reasons.

The Argentine Olympic Committee had previously stated: “We strongly believe the Olympic Games are not a platform for politics.”

Argentine president Cristina Kirchner defended the video, claiming it “reflects the feelings” of her nation.

On the other hand, the advertisement has even been slammed by the boss of the company that made it.

Brit Sir Martin Sorrell, boss at advertising giant WWP, said: “The ad is totally — and I mean totally — unacceptable.”

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