A 16-strong syndicate of supermarket workers in Greater Manchester has won nearly £7m on the National Lottery.

Staff at Asda in Greenfield Street, Hyde, will split £6,873,588, giving each member of the group over £430,000.

The syndicate – which began in January 2010 and has played with the same numbers twice every week – bagged the jackpot in Saturday’s roll-over Lottery draw.

Syndicate leader Debra Wilson said: "We have had a few wins so far and had won about £300 this year, which is great, but this is unbelievable."

The winners plan to spend their spoils on holidays, new cars and houses.

Emma Allen, 32, said her share would help her pay for IVF treatment after two unsuccessful tries on the NHS.

She said: "This money means I can carry on with the IVF and have unlimited treatments.

"It will give me the family I have dreamed of.

"It's a happy ending."

Another member, who didn’t want to be named, is spending her share on breast enhancement surgery.

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Vanessa Gibson, 38, said she was shopping in Primark when she found out about the win.

"The figure of six million just didn't sink in. I carried on shopping thinking we'd got about £1,000 each," she said.

"Even when I was told how much I was getting, I still couldn't believe it at first and then I started crying and ran to the car."

Most of the winners, who celebrated with champagne earlier today, said they would continue working at the store, despite the win.

Wilson added: “There were hugs and kisses all round. It was brilliant. The managers all came down to say well done and the store manager even gave me a hug.

“It is a great place to work and I think most of us will stay on, we have such a good time and are all good friends.”