Play was abandoned at 4.10pm on day three of the final Test with not a single ball bowled. And with England yet to complete their first innings it seems almost inescapable that this match will end in a draw.

Fans who bought tickets to watch yesterday’s play will receive a full refund.

“It’s been a pretty boring day today, much like yesterday,” said Faulkner.

“They can play however they want to play, they are 3-0 up for a reason, but if you’re 3-0 up I’d have thought you’d try and get in a position to win 4-0. That’s their choice.

“I know the fans get a refund for their tickets today but maybe they should have for yesterday.

“I suppose any time [England] feel threatened they go into their shell and play pretty defensive cricket. When they come to Australia it will be played on our terms and they are going to be in for a hell of a challenge back home.”

England fans showed their displeasure during day two sarcastically cheering runs scored.

The Incident adds to a undercurrent of displeasure at the way England have carried themselves throughout the series.

Alastair Cook has been subjected to low-level criticism throughout for his deeply defensive fields and decision making.

Whereas, despite his team’s losing form, Michael Clarke has won plaudits from all corners for his inventive and intelligent captaincy which many people credit with keeping Australia in-touch with England throughout the series.