On-field umpire Tony Hill gave Khawaja out after a piercing appeal from the England players during day one of the Test.

With everyone but the DRS official, including Aussie PM Kevin Rudd, Shane Warne and his English Sky Sports commentary colleagues, assuming the dismissal would be overturned, it was left to stand. 

Sutherland has asked the ICC for an explanation.

“Cricket Australia has sought an explanation from the ICC on the dismissal of Usman Khawaja. In our view, the on-field decision and referred decision using DRS were both incorrect,” Sutherland in a statement. 

“CA remains a strong supporter of DRS and believes it is important that cricket continues to improve and build confidence in the DRS.”

“We understand and accept that from time to time mistakes can be made. However, in this instance, on behalf of the player, the team and all cricket fans, we feel duty bound to seek further explanation as to how this decision was arrived at.”

Steven Smith escaped a clear LBW shout later in the day, but England had exhausted their reviews. 

Chris Rogers was batting at the other end, and agreed with Khawaja before he sent the decision upstairs.

“He said he didn’t hit and I said he didn’t hit,” Rogers said. “That was about it.

“Even in real time I didn’t think he hit, I didn’t think he was anywhere near it.

“The umpire must have had a different view on it but I thought it was not out and that’s why we reviewed it.

“From what we saw on the replay, I think even the England guys had given up hope of it being out. It was disappointing and another question mark I guess.”

“I felt for him but it’s been happening so we’ve just got to get on with it.”

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