But there does appear to be some relief on the horizon for everyone but Tottenham fans as talks between Gareth Bale’s club and Real Madrid, that seem to have been dragging on forever, have reached an “advanced stage”.

The BBC reports that a deal could be done within the next couple of days that will make Bale the world’s most expensive player. 

Spurs have spent £60m over the summer, and well say most experts, a bill that will be covered with interest by the sale of their superstar Bale. 

Meanwhile at the Oval, Australia must have a feeling of deja vu as the moment they’re on top the heavens have opened up.

Unlike in Durham, there are floodlights at the Oval, so there shouldn’t (read shouldn’t) be any problem with the umpire’s light readers.

Weather forecaster Nick Miller, for the BBC, said showers will stick around later today but it will be dry and hot tomorrow.

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