Snickers Australia have turned that stereotype on its head, and shown a group of Aussie ‘builders’ shouting to women as they walk past – but there’s a small difference.

Instead of commenting on their boobs or bum, these guys are down with gender equality in a massive way – and they’re not afraid to show it.

‘That colour really works on you!’ hollers one builder approvingly, as the lady he’s addressing turns a becoming pink colour.

‘Oi! Darling! You have a lovely day,’ shouts another encouragingly.

‘Do you want to hear a filthy word?’ Gender bias!’ roars one builder, as his friend chips in with, ‘I’d like to show you the respect you deserve!’

The best part of the video is the lady’s smile at 0.52. Now, why can’t we all get along like this all the time?

Image credit: YouTube/ Snickers Australia