Dominic Jude Christopher Bird, was charged with one count of drug trafficking and one count of drug use, after Malaysian prosecutors said the substance he was arrested with contained 167 grams of methamphetamine.

He was arrested by undercover police on March 1 at a Kuala Lumpur coffee shop where, police allege, he was trying to sell them 228g of drugs.

A chemist’s report tendered during yesterday’s court hearing in Kuala Lumpur confirmed the drug was about 73 per cent pure methamphetamine.

Malaysian law declares a person convicted of possessing more than 50g of methamphetamine is a drug trafficker.

Bird’s case will now be transferred to the Malaysian High Court, where he is expected to reappear in November.

Three Australians have been executed in Malysia for drug offences.

Kevin Barlow and Brian Chambers were hanged in July 1986, followed by Michael McAuliffe in June 1993.