Ailsa May Locke, of Gold Coast, was coming home from an 11-hour shift at Bisbane Hospital when she was pulled over. She then allegedly struck the approaching officer with her car, claiming she could not see him. When the officer finally caught up with her, she allegedly verbally abused him, calling him “dangerous” and telling him to change jobs.

Outside of court, she has said she thought the officer flagging her down was a “hooligan with a stick”.

Locke was charged with speeding, driving without due care and attention, failing to comply with a police direction and leaving the scene of an accident.

Locke has complained about her inability to pay for a lawyer and refusal of Legal Aid, in face of magistrate Deborah Vasta’s warnings for potential jail time.

This accident mars Locke’s 62-year perfect driving record, and leaves her in danger of being unable to go to work and pay for her rent if her license is stripped.

Locke maintains that the charges are “ridiculous.” The case was adjourned and will resume September 19. 

Photo via Getty.

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