The Torino gold and Vancouver silver medalist could repeat his world beating feats when he failed to go through to the final of the bumps and jumps event. 

Begg-Smith, who changed allegiance to Australia after a run-in with his native Canada’s Olympic body, didn’t qualify automatically for the final in his first run on Monday and crashed out after a backflip on his second run to bow out of the competition.

The 29-year-old finished 25th overall with his younger teammates Brodie Summers (9th) and Matt Graham (10th) making the final. 

A cool customer of the highest order, and an enigma with little interest in self-promotion throughout his career, Begg-Smith was rather animated after announcing his decision. 

“I just wasn’t feeling it today,” he said. 

Begg-Smith had only decided late to contest the Games in Sochi, only joining World Cup events late in the year. 

He was an unknown quantity in the event and considered an outsider to match the fancied Canadians. He was also carrying injuries, but didn’t blame them. 

“I haven’t skied in the soft snow for four years. You have to train in Australia if you want to get some of that,” he said. 

“I’m glad that I went out on my own terms and there wasn’t any issues with anything else. I messed up. Not other problems.”

On his future, Begg-Smith was his trademark cagey, cheeky self. 

“We’ll have to see, international man of mystery,” he said.

“I’ve got to keep you guys guessing.”

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