Sammi Strange, 24, was interviewed by the PM and his wife after several long-distance Skype interviews after being picked from an au pair agency.

The ex-Melbourne Girls Grammar School pupul worked in advertising sales for Channel Seven TV in Melbourne before she quit her job to go travelling last month.

Strange was told she was being considered for a “high-profile” family, but was “shaking” when she found out it was the PM and his wife.

Samantha’s father, David Strange, who runs a barge business, said: “She was shaking when she found out it who it was. She was very excited and nervous.”

He joked: “I’m hoping she might marry Prince Harry, but I couldn’t afford the wedding.”

Nannying isn’t Strange’s long-term career goal – on a social networking site survey, Strange said her dream job is to be an events manager and

She also said she loves sushi and longed to travel to Europe.

And she loves to party, saying in the survey that she smokes and drinks.

And when the questionnaire asked if she likes to swear, she replied: “Fuck yeah.”