The dollar’s flying so high that those of you on European holiday jaunts can even afford to stay in London for a few days.

Evidently not.

Budget day blues appear to be the same the whole world over and it’s Budget day in Australia next Tuesday.

What’s in store? Someone in Canberra must have been taking lessons from George Osborne. All the talk is of – guess what? – yes, you got it. Public spending cuts.

Reports – or, at least, idle speculation – suggest that thousands of public servants face the jobs axe, starting with about 3,000 at the tax office (which you might want to have a good laugh about unless one of your nearest and dearest works there).

After that, rumour (mainly in The Australian) has it that environment, transport, agriculture and indigenous affairs departments will be hit in the coming months.

And they say a new Australian Border Force agency ‘could’ take over the work of the Customs and Border Protection Service to enforce all customs and immigration laws.

Any good news? That depends if you’re rolling in it or not. Education minister Christopher Pyne reckons there’s a case to be made for hitting higher income earners .What’s that you say Chris? We’re all in it together?

Image credit: Getty