However, these days, you feel like bursting into tears during your commute and Sunday nights are spent worrying about what Monday will be like. 

If your job’s not what it used to be, take a moment to reflect – maybe you’re the one that’s changed. If you’d like to get more out of your working day, here are ten ways to improve your job.

Don’t be a grouch: Your sour face is putting the sales team off. When someone approaches your desk, smile, and ask how you can help. Stop running off to the kitchen when you see your boss approaching. 

Socialise: You think they don’t like you, but your colleagues still invite you to the pub every Friday night. Have you ever thought that they might not be doing it out of pity, and they genuinely want to spend time with you? Go on, forget about shit TV and say yes.

Stop boozing during the week: Admittedly, this may clash with earlier suggestions, but downing a bottle of wine on the sofa every night to forget about work will only make the next day that much worse. It’s also not very good for you, and it will make you smell.

Make suggestions: If something’s really bothering you, tell your boss. Maybe you’re always cold, too warm, or you’re always expected to clean the kitchen? Is someone else in the office is making you do something that’s under their remit? The smallest things can make a huge difference to your working environment, and a polite request can work wonders.

Ask for help: If you’re struggling, tell your boss, and let the appropriate people know. Working late into the evening every night is not what life is about.

Take a lunchbreak: Even if it’s just for half an hour, a brisk walk to Pret and some deep breaths will ensure your give your overworked brain a bit of a break. If you can, take the full hour. Check your contract if you don’t feel very confident about leaving your desk, and click here for more information.

Don’t gossip: I don’t care how much you hate that girl on the third floor. People will be much more receptive to you if you’re kind about others; gossip may secure you a few minutes of feeling like the office’s Big Thing, but it’s not permanent.

Think about your salary: Are you miserable because that raise you think you’re owed hasn’t materialised? It’s your responsibility to make sure that happens – management are fairly busy, funnily enough. Put together a decent case explaining why you think you deserve it, and book that meeting.

Smarten yourself up: I’m not talking about swanning around in the latest Gucci collection, but take a look at your wardrobe. If your shoes need a polish, your shirts are threadbare and your jackets are worn at the elbow, you need to sort that out. If you don’t look the part, how can you act it?

Stay hydrated: If your concentration starts flagging after lunch and you’re dry-mouthed and headachey by the afternoon, you’re probably dehydrated. Cut back on the tea and coffee and just drink water. Yes, it’s a boring choice of drink. Sorry about that.

Image credit: Thinkstock