The 23-year-old winger, who is yet to play in the NRL, has played for the past three seasons with NSW Cup feeder club North Sydney Bears.

The Daily Telegraph reports a third party contacted the Rabbitohs club with information relating to steroid and peptide use and it’s also been alleged text messages from Johnston’s mobile phone had him boating about PED use.

Despite the allegations, NSW Rugby League boss Geoff Carr said Johnson had not tested positive to any drug use.

The news comes as the Australian Crime Commission responded to requests from the NRL and AFL to notify clubs that have been identified as part of the investigation into drug and organised crime in sport.

The extensive report has been criticised publicly for not naming and shaming those found to have broken drugs rules, saying not identifying the culprits implicates everyone in the sports.

The clubs will be told by their governing body and it’s up to them if they go public.

“Following a request from the Australian Football League (AFL) and National Rugby League (NRL), I have granted permission for both codes to confidentially notify the specific clubs within their respective codes that were identified in Project Aperio,” ACC CEO John Lawler said in a statement.

“Once notified, a club may choose to make it publicly known that they have been notified.

“The Australian Crime Commission can not name clubs and individuals, as they are protected under Section 60 of the Australian Crime Commission Act 2002 which protects the rights of persons against reputational damage and the right to a fair trial.”