According to new independent research conducted by Ipsos for TripAdvisor, Aussies will spend £7,647 a head on their travels. And 91% of them will spend the money on trips to foreign climes – that’s up from 74% last year.

The so-called bi-annual TripBarometer analysis says the results show that “Australian travellers have shown strength in the local economy and a penchant for adventure”.

TripAdvisor’s Marc Charron says, “Exploration is back on the agenda in 2014, with more travellers planning international trips this year… Travellers are upping their budgets but they are looking for bargains, expecting their accommodation of choice to deliver on value. Special offers, complimentary amenities and exceptional service are all going to be important factors in swaying potential guests.”

What do they want when they get where they’re going?

With beaches in our own backyard and not particularly looking for a busman’s holiday, the number one holiday type for Australians is culture, followed by a trip where they can learn something new.

But the travelling boot isn’t all on one foot.

For those from elsewhere in the world, Australia is one of the countries topping their wish list if money was no object. People in Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the US all listed Australia in their top three.

Image credit: Thinkstock