I USED TO HAVE CYBER SEX when I lived on the Gold Coast. 

I started to chat to an old flame on Facebook and we moved on to Skype in no time.

He was in sydney, but 800 kilometres and not seeing each other for three years didn’t bother us. We started to talk dirty and soon it was time to talk in front of a webcam. 

I had always thought talking dirty online was weird and phoney and I felt awkward at the beginning. I also felt he got more out of it than I did. 

It didn’t bother me that much though – it was way more interesting than writing essays for my studies.

During six months we had cyber sex about fortnightly – it would have been every night and day if it had been up to him. 

He tried to call me every time he saw I was online and got really upset if I wasn’t in the mood or too busy. 

Eventually I finished my courses and moved to Sydney and he wanted to meet up. I was worried that the real thing wouldn’t be as good as it was on screen… and it wasn’t! 

I guess we built it up too much and the passion was missing. How can someone be so good in cyberspace, but so bad in real life?