So have we become a nation of boring travellers, with  zinc caked on our noses, oversized hats, and a fear of the unknown?

A survey by revealed that the ’same-cation’ phenomenon trending among travel bugs seems to be a result of the comfort of familiarity with certain travel spots, a holiday-guarantee of sorts—the UK being one of the familiar countries at the top of their list.

According to the survey, 60 per cent of Australians returned to at least one holiday spot multiple times during the past five years. Forty per cent of those surveyed travelled with the same people, while one in five admitted to booking the same accommodation.

Meanwhile, a quarter booked their holidays at the same time of year every year, while 29 per cent picked the same airline.

Although only 38 percent confessed to being creatures of habit, spokeswoman Katherine Cole told there’s a certain vacation-like comfort in knowing you’re getting good value during your time off work. Vacations are, after all, a time to relax.

“On holidays, we want to be able to switch off and relax while knowing we are getting great value for money. As travel becomes more affordable with the rise in low-cost airlines and accommodation deals, taking a short break to a familiar destination that you love is easier and more appealing than ever,” she said.

Traveller Kali Austin from Newport in NSW, said although the location may be the same, new experiences always seem to emerge from under the familiar.  

“I’ve been going back to Bali every year for the past five years, mainly because there are always cheap airfares, and Bali is great value for money,” she said. “Even though I know Bali quite well now, there always seems to be something new to see and do, which means I get the best of both worlds –adventure and familiarity.”

The most popular repeat destination was New Zealand, followed by the US and the UK. Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia also regularly welcome Australian travellers. 

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