For whatever reason, Londoners and people in the UK over the age of 65 are walking down the aisle at an ever increasing rate. One report claims that weddings for this particular section of society have jumped 25% in just one year.

The number of people who are getting on in years and still finding marriage more important has actually been growing for quite a few years. The most interesting part is finding out how many of these pensioners are looking for information on buying a diamond engagement ring online, finding a priest or walking down the aisle for the very first time in their lives.

In the UK, it appears people have decided marriage is still important, despite the trend of younger people slowly moving away from the institution of marriage.

Marriage and Religion:

There’s no direct correlation between the rise in marriage and people suddenly finding God, but there does appear to be some kind of anecdotal connection. While the number of people marrying over the age of 65 has increased from 2013, so have the number of weddings that have a religious connotation. While the increase of religious weddings hasn’t been huge (just 5%), even that small climb was noteworthy. That particular 5% rise is the biggest jump in religious weddings since 1934.

The Strength of Marriage:

London and Great Britain might be seeing older people tying the knot, but the country as a whole has actually seen a slight rise in the number of divorces. Across the globe, numbers of people who are getting divorced later is increasing as well. Some cases that have taken centre stage include the likes of Al and Tipper Gore, who have been married for decades. Their announcement that they are separating is becoming more of the norm every day.

Despite the older generations starting to embrace a practice that used to done most often by the young and impetuous, Great Britain is seeing a trend that is positive for marriages in general. The Office for National Statistics released a report earlier this year that showed the divorce rate in and around London is 20% lower than it was just a decade ago.

The good news for those who are getting married later in life is that marriages are lasting longer as well. This means it’s entirely possible there will be more people who will be spending the rest of their lives with the one they married.

The same report indicates that marriages that end within the first 10 years are at their lowest point for this generation.

Older is Better:

While the older generations are starting to embrace both the institution of marriage and the less-cheerful institution of divorce, the younger generation is still quite skilled at getting divorced. It seems likely that part of the reason is because younger couples are a little less mature when it comes to making sure the person they’re with now is the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

Having an established means of income and having found their station in life helps older married couples feel more comfortable as they settle down.

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