Fancy being shaken, stirred, jolted, twisted, soaked, dropped and scared shitless all in one weekend? KATYA HOLLOWAY went on a three-day mission to conquer the Gold Coast’s maddest theme parks….

Sweat was beading up on my forehead, and we’d only just arrived. It was hot, yes, but I couldn’t blame the weather. We were at the start of our theme park extravaganza weekend, kicking it off at Dreamworld, where they’ve got some of Australia’s scariest white-knuckle rides.

Stopping to study my park map, the sound of a fighter jet suddenly ripped through the air. I looked up, only to discover it wasn’t a jet at all, but a ride rocketing past at breakneck speed, shooting towards the top of a 39-storey tower. The screams of passengers followed in its wake. Sweet. I’d found my first ride – the Tower of Terror.

The actual ride only lasted seven seconds, but it went out with a bang. Blasting us up a steep ramp at 160kph, the G-forces kicked into gear, forcing me heavily into my seat before I even knew what was going on.

We were off to a good start, but there was still the Giant Drop to come. According to the[Guinness Book of World Records], it’s the tallest vertical freefall ride in the world, standing at 119m. We were harnessed in as the platform moved to the top of the tower, our legs dangling in mid-air. After keeping us hanging in suspense for many minutes, the stage suddenly gave way without notice, sending us freefalling towards the ground.

If it’s stomach-twisting rides that get you grinning, then The Claw is a must. This ride offers the maximum rush, swinging at 64kph spins above the ground. Don’t attempt this one hungover – we’re talking insane zero-gravity motions as you perch perilously close to the edge, feeling like you’ll go flying out of your seat. You’re twisting and being chucked around like a sock in a washing machine… it’s intense.

Don’t like high-speed rides? Yawn. Then stay in bed and write Granny a letter. For the rest of you, have a go on the Cyclone, Dreamworld’s gravity rollercoaster which reaches speeds of up to 85kph while zipping around a 360° loop and a scream-inducing sidewinder.

S’pose we should mention the other stuff too? Other than the rides, there’s plenty of other entertainment to fill your day, including rare Bengal tigers, and the[Australian Wildlife] Experience area, where you can get up close to Aussie critters.

If it’s a hot one – and there’s a pretty good chance it will be – you’ll also want to pop over to the log ride a couple of times throughout the day. It will get you pleasantly drenched.

Location: 20 minutes north of Surfers, off the Pacific Highway, at Coomera.
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