Recession may sound like a scary word, but don’t let it alarm you because there will always be jobs available in the marketing and promotional sectors. Big companies rely on people like you and me to drum up business for them. Without us, they would be nothing.

But during times like these it’s important to make sure you are the best applicant for the job. What’s on your CV could decide exactly which job you end up doing, explains Geoffrey Nathan sales executive Aaron Harper.
“If a candidate is able to show relevant experience and the correct attitude, they could find themselves in a position that provides long-term benefits for their career goals,” says Aaron.

Travellers looking to enter the world of marketing at anything but the most junior level would need a degree in marketing or a business-related discipline, but that does not mean there aren’t opportunities out there for those without the correct formal qualifications. Aaron says: “There are jobs, but these will be in the area of general promotions or support to any marketing or promotions teams.”

“The rates of pay for candidates with no prior experience is between $18-$20 per hour. For marketing assistants $22-24 and for more senior roles, $30 plus.”

But if you are still struggling to land the right job, then there is only one place to go according to Aaron – the east coast, baby. “The majority of work is found on the east coast, particularly for promotions roles,” he says.

East coast here we come!