A new ad campaign from GetUp! Australia, an “independent movement for a progressive Australia,” features a video in support of gay marriage, released on Thursday.

Online bloggers and commentators such as the Advocate are already calling the ad “possibly the most beautiful ad for marriage equality we’ve seen.”

Simply titled A Love Story, the ad aims to show that same sex couples care just as much about commitment as straight couples.

A Love Story follows a couple as they meet, get to know each other and hit relationship milestones, all through the eyes of one half of the couple. Only at the end is the gender of the other half revealed.

The Australian ad aims to show that gay couples want love and commitment, as well as all of the precious moments in between.

The YouTube video of the ad has over 12,000 comments, ranging from outbursts of hatred to stories of same sex partnerships.

One commenter said: “To those of you who find that the last 20 seconds of the video ruin the first minute 36 seconds: You are the target audience of this ad.

“The discomfort you’re experiencing in reconciling the beauty you saw and the hate you’ve been programed with is hopeful. At least it means you’re thinking. See the beauty, end the hate.”

Watch the video here and tell us what you think: