Residents of the Austrian village Fucking are up in arms that British phone pranksters have singled them out for ridicule.

The pranksters have discovered that they can find residents of the unfortunately named town by typing “Fucking” in the Austrian online telephone directory

And the pranksters have been having plenty of fun effing and blinding at the villagers’ expense.

Johann Maier, 56, told a local newspaper: “It’s true – we get calls and a voice in English asking if we are in Fucking or is that Fucking – then there is laughter or something – and then they hang up.”

Mayor Siegfried Hauppl added: “I don’t know why they have to go on about it all the time the English – we are always in the news but we are just a little village – we want to be left in peace.”

The mayor rejected suggestions that the villager might change its name.

– Alison Grinter