The owner of the chihuahua-maltese dog discovered the python inside the kennel with a large bulge in its body and the dog’s chain still hanging from its mouth.

Crew from the Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service were called to the scene and took the 2.5 metre long snake away – they’ll observe it to see if it will regurgitate the chain, which it can’t digest, or perform surgery if needed.

On their Facebook page WIRES Northern Rivers said that they would “keep everyone posted as to the progress of the snake in care and the final outcome of the drama”.

They had been forced to take down an earlier post of the incident deemed as “offensive and too graphic for public viewing” by “the powers that be”.

It’s been a bit of a month for snakes chowing down things after one in Queensland ate a metre-long fresh water crocodile near Mount Isa.

We’re assured incidents of snakes swallowing pet dogs are rare. Usually it’s the snake that comes off second best.

Image via Thinkstock