Ayers Rock stripper offends indigenous people.

A stripper who got her kit off on Ayers Rock claims it was a tribute to Aboriginal culture.

French born Alizee Sery, was filmed prancing around starkers in her white cowboy boots on top of Aboriginal Australia’s most sacred site, Uluru.

The exotic dancer has been labelled ”stupid” and local indigenous elders have described the act as the equivalent of defecating on the steps of the Vatican and called for her to be deported.


However, Sery claims that shaking her booty was actually a spiritual tribute to Aboriginal culture.

”What we need to remember is that traditionally the Aboriginal people were living naked. So stripping down was a return to what it was like,” she said.

“What I did was a tribute to their culture, in a way.”

Uluru is leased by the Anangu people to Parks Australia. Some areas of the site are closed to visitors and the taking of photographs from certain angles is banned because of the significance the site plays in Anangu ceremonies.

Personally, we find the soundtrack to Sery’s strip tease as offensive as anything else.

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