The scene There’s a strict dress code to adhere to here. Inside Babble, the music is thumping, to the point where conversation – unless it’s drunken screeching – is pointless.

There are three levels – a bar, a club, a ‘boudoir’ – where seating areas can be reserved for parties, and City workers in designer suits sit, sipping champagne.

My friend orders a ‘sharer cocktail’, a punchbowl filled with drink and straws, into which is poured just three shots of alcohol. And she’s given a bill for £50. After complaining, she gets it for free.

The drinks are expensive – a glass of rosé wine and a bottle of beer set me back about £12, despite it being happy hour (from 5pm-7.30pm).

The grub Bar snacks are available in the evening. Choose from spicy Thai crackers, sharing platters, which include miniature meat pies, or nibbles such as spiced lamb samosas and crispy vegetarian rolls.
Behind the bar Plenty of choice: from champagne and sparkling wine, to cocktails and specialist martinis. There’s a reason so many City types flock here after work.

Bill please
Bottled beers from £5; cocktails from £8.30; wine from £4.85 a glass.

There are better places to go, where you’ll spend less cash.

45 Old Broad Street, EC2N 1HU   
Station | Liverpool Street