A father has named his baby ‘Lady Gaga’.

The newborn must now go through life with the dubious honour of being named Meggie Maisie Lady Gaga.

Her dad, Ian Clark, apparently included the name to impress his four year old step-daughter. Meggie’s mum Melanie isn’t too chuffed though. She told a local newspaper: “I can’t believe he actually went ahead and did it. Ian thought it was a really good idea but I told him no way.

“The registrar asked three times if there was anything he wanted to change about the name but he didn’t back down.

“It’s still strange to look at the birth certificate now. Everybody keeps asking to have a look at it because they don’t believe he went and did it. But the more someone tells Ian he shouldn’t do it, the more he wants to. I’m still in shock now.”

Let’s hope that kid’s thick-skinned. School’s going to be rough.

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