First Day

We start our Bahamas yacht charter at the paradise island of Nassau and specifically at Exuma Island. Over miles of blue water, these Islands are like a string of pearls. They each have natural harbors and private beaches. While in Nassau’s, head over to the museum and learn about the real Pirates of the Caribbean. You can also go down the history pages by visiting Fort Charlotte, Balcony House, Fort Fincastle, and the Government House. Hungry? Have a late breakfast at the hidden Allan’s Cay Group. You can also have a peek at the Bahamian dragon, which is part of the Iguana family, though significantly under threat by humans. Watch the beautiful sunset on the shore of Highborne Cay, where you will anchor for the night.

Second Day

Today choose to head to Fowl Cay, where you can have a cocktail after a sumptuous lunch at the restaurant in Harbour Club. Do you like snorkeling? Head over to the Caves at Rocky Dundas and have yourself a fantastic afternoon as you come across the vibrant sea life. You can also choose to relax at Bell Island, a beautiful secluded location where you will have the beach to yourself in most cases.

Third day

Did you watch the James Bond Movies Never Say Never Again and Thunderball? Well, you have just arrived at the shooting location, Staniel Cay. Apart from the warm welcome by the people, its crystalline waters on the secluded beaches, it is a unique location for a snorkeling adventure in the whole of Bahamas. You can also enjoy swimming with the World-renowned Exuma Pigs, which are friendly and familiar to visitors. Besides, it is also an excellent place for reef, bone, and deep-sea fishing. It is referred to as the cruising base for Exuma Cays.

Fourth Day

Make your morning memorable as you head to the longest beach in the Bahamas. The Great Guana Cay is a small island with a 9-mile long beach line. You will note the people’s warmth and friendly nature on the Island as you spend your afternoon at the Farmer’s Cay Yacht Club and Marina. The atmosphere and surroundings are both beautiful and intimate.

Fifth Day

Welcome to the Wardrick Wells. Set up in the mid-’80s as a Land and Sea Park, it is an eye-catching paradise that will give you a lifetime of memories. For people who love walking, the hiking trails go on for miles while the crystalline waters are ideal for snorkeling, where you may come across colorful reef fish, sharks, and coral gardens. Take note, Warderick Wells Cay is the largest underwater marine park in the Bahamas.

Sixth Day

The Bahamas yacht charter takes you further to a place you explore while on a dinghy. The Shroud Cay. This Island is uninhabited and comprises of shallow mangrove salina surrounded by small cays and rocks. As part of Exuma Park, it has various wildlife species, including crawfish, sea turtles, and conch. Remember to maintain low speed along the waterways while accessing northern creek.

Due to the Island being unoccupied, we recommend that you dine on board as you enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Seventh Day

Finally, on your last day, have a taste of Bahamas ‘Vegas by the sea’ found at Paradise Island in the Atlantis. The entertainment has something for everyone. The large casino, unique aquariums, great restaurants, and clubs do not forget the breathtaking water slides. You can also swim with the dolphins at the renowned 141-acres Aquaventure water park.

When you arrive back at Nassau, go to the local market and the bay street shops. What a better way to end such a memorable trip than having a beautiful souvenir.

Though you have had an unforgettable and breathtaking experience, there are still more places you can visit while on a Bahamas Yacht Charter. This include:

Compass Cay

Get to swim with the nurse sharks. It is a species of the Bahamian catfish but having the shape of a predator. They are friendly, and all have different names. You can also stopover at the O’Briens’ Cay and find some eagle rays and turtles. Little Halls Pond Cay is also close by and belongs to Johnny Depp.

Norman’s Cay

The area is quiet and has beautiful scenery. It was used by drug smugglers back in the sixties. Have an adventure while snorkeling and discover the drug crashed plane of Carlos Lehder in four feet of water. Walk on the beautiful and serene Saddle Cay Beach. Go to the Ships Channel Cay, an islet surrounded by turquoise water and white sandy beaches. It is a very peaceful and idyllic area.

Allan and Highbourne Cays

Ready for some local dishes? Dine and enjoy yourself at the privately-owned Highourne Cay consisting of eight deserted beaches and ranked as one of the best in the Bahamas.

At Allan’s Cay, you will enjoy various wildlife, including the Iguanas whom you can feed fruits. Generally, enjoy nature.

Selecting a Bahamas Charter Yacht

As a favorable and popular holiday destination, the Bahamas Island has a vast selection of Luxury catamarans, sailing, and motor yachts. They are available at any time of the year as the Island is especially suitable for short holidays. Such as Thanksgiving or a weekend getaway. Going by their clients feedback, their team caters for your needs throughout your vacation. They are also always at hand to answer any of your queries.

The Bahamas Yacht charter Itinerary is practically customized to fit any tourist need.