Globally, we are all getting worse quality sleep year-on-year, no doubt impacted by our fast-paced lifestyles, blue light coming from our phones, ongoing stress and money troubles.

The start-up and tech industry is seeing a wave of new inventions to help with sleep, from cooling pyjamas, weighted blankets, noise defenders and sleep monitoring apps.

However, one of the latest products to win over sleepers is using bamboo sheets and pillow cases, rather than traditional cotton or linen.

Bill Fish, the co-founder of sleep resource, Tuck, explains: “Our first choice when looking for breathable sheets is linen. It tends to be cooler than cotton, but more importantly the quality of the fabric can look and feel good for years to come. If you are looking for eco-friendly breathable sheets, bamboo is an excellent choice. It is hypoallergenic, and also feels gentle to the touch.”

Bamboo, made from the bamboo plant, is known for being light, comfortable and it has properties that are soft and breathable. Being thermo-regulating, bamboo works by keeping cool in the heat, and staying warm in the cold, making it perfect for summer and winter and something that you can use all year around.

The breathability of bamboo should help those with stress and anxiety, which is the leading cause of insomnia.

In addition to helping people sleep through temperature control, bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic and can help produce better quality sleep by reducing stuffiness.

Bamboo sheets and pillow cases may not be the full answer for a bad night sleep or ongoing sleep issues – however, it is should certainly be seen as way you can optimise your sleep and living surroundings.

This may include limiting the use of your smart phone before bedtime, avoiding caffeine and alcohol up to 8 hours before you go to sleep, adjusting the light in your room, reviewing your mattress or speaking to a Doctor for professional advice.

Bamboo sheets are available from Cosy House Collection for less than $60 (includes fitted sheet, flat sheet and 2 pillow cases) and offer free delivery across the US.

A Cosy House customer said: “These are lightweight & the softest sheets I’ve ever touched. But the reason I ordered them was because of comments about how cool they were. (I suffer with night sweats.) After 3 nights I am thrilled beyond belief!!! I slept through the nights without once waking up overheated!”