Getting There

Bangkok is a popular destination and flights arrive from all corners of the world. Arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) and getting to immigration is a mad rush. If the first immigration point is full, don’t join the crowd, keep walking to one of the other two halls, which will save time and hassle.

The airport is 25km east of Downtown. Catch a cab into the city on level 1, but make sure the driver turns on the meter before setting off.


Getting Around 


The tuk-tuk is a three-wheel ride that takes you and your wallet for a spin. Avoid these guys and their offers of sightseeing tours for ‘10B or 20B’ unless you want to spend all your travel money and waste half a day.


The MRTA, Metropolitan Rapid Transit Authority operating 6am-midnight costing 15B to 39B depending on your destination.


Be aware taxi’s in high-density tourist areas wont use the meter and will quote sky-high rates, so walk to a main thoroughfare to get a taxi and save. Taxi fares are roughly up to 5km 50B, up to 10km 80B – make sure your driver uses a meter!

Motorcycle Taxi

Probably your closest experience to an extreme sport, starting form 10B in central Bangkok. This zippy public transport is not for the faint hearted, weaving in and out of traffic keep your legs close to the bike and travel at your own risk.


The city public bus system is the BMTA – Bangkok Metropolitan Transit Authority. They are the cheapest of public transport options, but you have the hassle of traffic. Most buses run from 5am to 10 or 11pm, with the ‘all-night’ buses running from 3am or 4am until mid morning. If you opt for catching the bus be sure to buy yourself a copy of Roadway’s Bangkok Bus Map.


If you’re staying in or around Khao San road, the Chao Phraya Express river boat is by far the quickest and easiest (and the most interesting) way to get to the Grand Palace region, Chinatown or even towards the general direction of Pat Pong Road.

Another useful way go get from east to west are the khlong taxis that run along the canal between the downtown region near Siam Square to Wat Saket.